Wool And A Great Night's Sleep
A lot happens when you sleep.

Tossing and turning are usually signs that your mental or physical state are in turmoil. And while we can't help with the mental issue, we can certainly help you create the best sleep environment possible.

Take sweating, for example. Typically, during a night's sleep, one can give off a pint of water, with menopausal women giving off even more. If that water vapor isn't absorbed by your mattress or your linens, a damp environment can result. Your pajamas and sheets will be soggy, you will be cold, and your sleep will be interrupted. Wool is the only fiber that is truly able to wick away moisture throughout the night, absorbing 30% of its weight in moisture. This moisture is released into the air during the day.

Look at the facts. Wool was compared to synthetic fibers in a test produced by the Polytechnic Institute of Wales. The test showed that sleeping under a wool-filled comforter substantially lowered the heart rate 100% of the time. Over 70% of the time, moisture was also lower when sleeping under wool.

Simply put: Because wool keeps one comfortable throughout the night, there is less tossing and turning, allowing for a consistent night's sleep.