Menopause And Night Sweats
Feeling the night sweats?

So are over 35 million women in America. And that's now, just think about how the numbers will increase as the boomer generation ages. Hot flashes create intense heat all through one's body, accompanied by excessive sweating. Then, because of the sweating, one may become chilled. Upwards of 65% of women will experience hot flashes for a year or so, with more being affected for years.

Night sweats from menopause can ruin a night's sleep. Some women report changing their pajamas or even their sheets several times a night. Sleep should be refreshing, not a source of worry. If one doesn't get a good nights' sleep, their days will be affected, too.

While WÜL bedding is not a substitute for an estrogen patch, it can help one get a better night's sleep. Wool fibers naturally wick away up to 30% of its weight in mositure, and will release that moisture into the air the next day, creating a comfortable sleep environment.

A sound sleep yields countless benefits in our waking hours: improved concentration and alertness, a stronger autoimmune system – even extended creativity and learning.