What is WÜL?
Learn About The WÜL Sleep System
WÜL is a 100% natural wool fiber that combines the best properties of centuries-old insulation with modern-day protection and practicality.

We begin with the finest pure wool, known for its superior texture, density and durability. Then, we take nature’s best and make it even better, by conditioning the wool with a patented WÜL FreshTM process that:
  • Adds loft to the fibers, enhancing warmth and comfort
  • Makes the wool machine washable and dryable
  • Renders the fill hypo-allergenic
The result is a soft, versatile and healthful WÜL batting, which we encase in a 100% cotton sateen sheath, and finish with an elegant crown stitching for great look and wear.

It is easy to see why discerning consumers are getting wrapped up in WÜL.

It’s nature’s best – made better for you.