Why WÜL?
WÜL will delight all of your senses

Feels So Good
WÜL is a soft and natural insulator, keeping your body a constant, comfortable temperature – so you’ll sleep like a lamb. It retains warmth when you need it, and ventilates when you don’t, so you’ll stay cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus, WÜL naturally wicks away moisture, ensuring bedding that stays fresh and dry in any climate.

A Sixth Sense
How does it know? WÜL is so versatile, it even adjusts to individual body temperatures so you and your sleep mate will both enjoy the ultimate in comfort.

Breathe Easy
Being 100% natural is nothing to sneeze at. WÜL bedding is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and resistant to dust mites. And, unlike down and petrol-based synthetics, you won’t have to worry about dander, allergens or off-gassing. Even the maintenance of WÜL is easy: it’s completely machine-washable and dryable.

The Epitome of Good Taste
WÜL is encased in a beautiful 100% cotton sateen sheath, with clean, sleek lines and crown stitching that ensures a long-lasting look and feel. You won’t give another thought to shrinking, clumping or reshaping. And, like a favorite family heirloom, your WÜL bedding will maintain its value for years.

A Sound Decision
With WÜL, you can feel confident that you have made a thoughtful, informed and conscientious choice in bedding. WÜL is a sustainable product, made from renewable resources, and is produced naturally and responsibly. We use no synthetics, and we guarantee that no animals are ever harmed in its creation.

You'll See a Difference
We can’t overstate the importance of sound, uninterrupted sleep. When you awake refreshed, you will look bright-eyed and have a new spring in your step. Consider your WÜL bedding a nightly oasis from a harried world, where you rejuvenate. You just might see the world a little more clearly the next day.

Why WÜL?
Nature's best-made better. See for yourself.
  WÜL Down Synthetics
A natural insulator  
Hypo-allergenic: Naturally, antimicrobial and antifungal  
Wicks moisture away from body    
Ideal for varying climates    
Completely machine washable and dryable  
Maintains its shape: no clumping or reshaping required after cleanings    
Premium renewable resource    
Naturally flame- resistant